Brev fra Bruce Charlton

10. oktober, 2019



Bruce Charlton
Chief Design Officer


Dear Members of The Scandinavian Golf Club,


What a thrill to recently come back to one of my favorite golf course design projects 10 years after opening. This experience is always exciting and can be a little daunting as I recognize that years are passing by. When returning to a project that I have envisioned as a designer, I am always most hopeful that the maintenance quality and facility will be at the same level as it was upon opening, which many times is not always the case.

When Russell and David invited me back to The Scandinavian, I immediately accepted! I was thrilled to see how the club had developed and the golf holes continuing to embrace Mother Nature. I think it is important to give Russell and the golf maintenance team a big standing ovation for their spectacular work. Both golf courses were incredibly well presented to the player. The condition of the playing surfaces are extremely healthy and boy do the putts roll true! I particularly like the new addition of the hand cut fore greens, which I will show to other clubs as an example of utilizing short, tightly mown grass being both an attractive feature and a defense.

My overall feeling is that there has been some tremendous work done already on the courses to enhance playability on holes like NEW #1, #8 and #10 on New course and we recommend continuing in these successful efforts. The golf courses are challenging and are designed to be at one with nature. However, I believe it is critically important to have the golf holes be playable and enjoyable for golfers of all skill levels.

The piece of land at The Scandinavian is ever changing and extremely fertile. Thus, we have created a new plan, together with Russell and David, to achieve a little more playability and even more fun


What does this mean for you as members?

                    • We recommend increasing semi-rough in areas that I believe the fescue rough has become a little too penal. Therefore, we have identified locations with slightly less deep fescue grasses in many portions of golf holes. This will ensure that more area for golfers get to find their balls and get their club on the ball when hitting approach shots to the greens. We do believe that the semi-rough in these locations will create challenges and good recovery shots will be required from semi rough.
                    • Some of the mowing patterns defining the fairways, roughs and fore greens will be amended locations to again create a greater range of decisions for players in order to score well.
                    • Also, I have recommended some slightly bigger refinements involving tee positions and bunkers design on one or two holes. Again, our aim here is to improve the playability for the average golfer and still create great challenge for the better players.


It was indeed a great pleasure to come back to The Scandinavian, play the golf courses as well as see many recognizable faces.  I was particularly delighted to the see the entire environment in all aspects of the club progressing so well. Believe me, I’m extremely proud of both courses, even more so after this visit. I sincerely hope that you will continue to enjoy your golf holes as much as we had a blast designing and building them. When can I come back again?


          Sincerely yours,

S. Bruce Charlton
President/Chief Design Officer
Robert Trent Jones II, LLC


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