Steve Astle & Simon Dyson – Practice like the Pros

DATO 12 – 13 august 2022





Masterclass with Steve Astle in how to “Practice like the Pros” with clear intention that will readily transfer to the Golf Course.

Follow up Masterclass with Simon Dyson in “How to strategize your way around the Golf Course like a Tour Winner.”

The how to practice session will look at how you can measure and manage your practice sessions from the range and prepare to transfer your skills much easier to the course..  It will also help you understand decision making around the short game area looking at varied lofts and lies and spin control, and how to make your putting practice more structured and fun.

The on-course strategy session will be practical and suited for all level of player. It will cover shot making routines, decision making from the tee to the green, club selection, ball flight control and how to get the most out of every shot that you hit in any environment.  The ultimate masterclass to reducing your score without changing your swing.

Meet the coaches :

Steve Astle UK Top 50 Coach, England Regional Coach, PGA Advanced Professional

Over 25 years coaching experience working with elite level players through to golfers trying to break 90 for the first time.  Steve has coached over 50 county champions in 10 different counties.

Previous experience also includes coaching abroad in Austria, Germany and New Zealand and currently a key member of the PGA GB & I Coaching team. Steve has also presented his experiences on coaching development at many European conferences to his peers and regularly features in many media articles.


Simon Dyson, Performance Coach, Former Tour Player

Golf Coach based in Manchester, UK and coaches a plethora of professional and elite amateur players.  Simon has an outstanding playing background that includes 9 wins worldwide and 6 on the European Tour.  Simon twice finished Top 10 at Major Championships and reached inside the Worlds Top 30.  He now brings his playing skills to the coaching world helping players of all ability to shoot lower scores by incorporating good processes and making great decisions.