PXG Fitting


The Scandinavian is delighted to have been chosen as only place to be fitted and buy PXG equipment in Denmark. Our skilled PGA professionals have been trained and educated by the best, to be able to offer a full and comprehensive PXG fitting to ensure your clubs are perfect for you. To book your PXG fitting please mail contact@thescandinavian.dk



About PXG

Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) was founded in September of 2014 by well-known businessman, philanthropist and golf nut Bob Parsons. PXG was born out of Parsons’ desire to make the world’s best golf equipment.

A shared passion for the greatest game ever played and equitable obsession with club technology led Parsons to partner with two highly respected golf club designers to develop the finest equipment on the planet.

Parsons demanded of his designers what most golfers dream about: a sexy set of golf irons that look like blades, launch higher, go farther, feel softer and have a sweet spot the size of Texas. “PXG clubs have to feel like butter and the difference has to be noticeable.”

With no cost or time constraints, the duo began the long process of researching various alloys, exploring new technologies and identifying the unique properties that would make PXG clubs unlike anything else.



“We wouldn’t bring the clubs to market if I didn’t believe they are the absolute best.” Bob Parsons