Art at The Scandinavian

As a co-founder of The Scandinavian Golf Club, I am very proud of what we have created. Our multifaceted destination for sport, leisure, and great food has now opened its doors to contemporary art. I have a great passion for art, for the way it can provoke reflection and activate our imaginations. I believe that art can pose crucial questions about human nature and can inspire us to take action to better the societies we live in. With this in mind, I have built a collection of contemporary art that I want to share with The Scandinavian’s members, by exhibiting pieces by outstanding international artists in and around the clubhouse.

Torben Wind

Foto: David Stjernholm

2020 – TALK TO ME

As with previous displays at The Scandinavian, this grouping of artworks hones in on a recurring theme in the Torben Wind Collection. Talk to Me show focuses on contemporary artists who use the written word, language, script and speech in their work. Language pervades our everyday, our public and private life, our relationship to things and to each other. Our cities are scribbled with graffiti and signs and our heads swim with conversation and communication all day long. In a current climate of political uncertainty, increasing censorship and restrictions to free discourse, safe spaces for expression, debate and outcry are becoming all the more precious.

The works featured in TALK TO ME are spirited and energetic, rich in messages and calls to arms, many of them opening up interesting conversations about freedom of expression, understanding/ misunderstanding, and how much of our society and culture is rooted in language. Other artworks, meanwhile, celebrate the shape and aesthetics of the written word, the graphic elegance of typography, the distinctiveness of a script, the beauty of the word.

This exhibition explores themes of resistance, poetry, freedom of expression and memory, as well as design, typography and their effects on a reader – all through the most human of artforms: language.

2019 – Strange Lands

From multi-coloured rocks, fibreglass and marble to golden bamboo and glittering LED lights, the artworks on display at The Scandinavian demonstrate the extraordinary material breadth of contemporary practices. Within its natural light and generous space, The Scandinavian is now a place of culture, meditation and education. We welcome the opportunity to introduce new audiences to phenomenal contemporary art and introduce this new facet to The Scandinavian.

The theme Strange Lands brings together a number of celebrated contemporary artists who look to nature, to their surroundings, and to history in order to re-imagine the world they live in. Although diverse in their media and appearances, the artworks speak to a common desire to re-imagine the world more poetically, to marry past with present, and to bridge the real and the imaginary. Some artists take inspiration from the shapes and motifs of the natural world; others look to cultural heritage and man-made histories which they catapult into the present. Some look to our modern-day cities and urban cultures, while other works become time capsules, evoking the art of past civilisations and archaic times. Some imagine the quieter, stranger spaces in our present-day society, the liminal areas, the outskirts, the places no one likes to look, and put them on a plinth. Strange Lands is our world but warped. Strange Lands is uncanny. Between utopia and dystopia, Strange Lands is human time and people, re-imagined, rendered strange. The Scandinavian itself, a building hidden in the Danish countryside, becomes a floating world: at once a product of reality and imagination; a vessel to escapism.