Nyt om banerne

7. september, 2017

Update on the courses

The incredibly wet conditions this week and in general wet conditions that we have experienced have meant the greens have not been as quick as we would have liked and please understand this is as frustrating for Russell and I as it is for you. The positive side is that the greens are healthy and disease free aided by the graden process. You may have noticed the putting green that didn’t undergo the graden process at the same time as the others greens does have some disease which we are delighted to have avoided on the rest. We do anticipate that as soon as the greens dry, the speed will be there and as we mentioned before there are no plans to work on them much until the very end of the season.


Unfortunately we also have had a return of the dollar spot and red thread disease on the fairways, whist very apparent and visible they are not dangerous to the turf and should not affect the playability of the surfaces. Both diseases occur during periods of high humidity and periods with lots of moisture and is common in Denmark and also at The Scandinavian although maybe not this visible. The maintenance team are however regularly removing dew and brushing to dry the surface to ensure the disease does not have the opportunity to get worse. This together with a very timely application of nutrients actually have ensured quick signs of recovery which we are delighted with. There is no further chemical options for removing these diseases available in Denmark but the cooler temperature will kill them naturally.


Russell and David